Best Tools to fix iPhone Software Problems?

by | Apr 19, 2022

Is there a program that would allow you to fix the operating system of your iPhone for free? Check out these vital tools. As a result, Apple is widely considered one of the most reputable names in the mobile phone market. Every new iOS model has impressive features that keep users coming back for more.

There are bugs and troubles with the iPhone, just like any other smartphone. People have reported a slew of software issues, such as an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, a phone that keeps rebooting by itself, a screen of all colors of the rainbow (including black), and iTunes error.

These are the best to use software that can easily and quickly repair the iPhone operating system and diagnose it for free to fix these many iOS issues. Here are the Best Tools to fix iPhone Software Problems:

Dr. Fone – System Recovery (iOS)

An all-in-one toolbox, Dr.fone has an impressive number of functions. Dr.fone – System Repair is a tool for fixing iPhones. Most iOS problems, such as black screens, white screens, and iPhones stuck in recovery mode, etc., can be fixed with this software. It’s simple to use, and you can fix your iPhone merely by plugging it in.

AnyFix – iOS System Repair

You may use AnyFix to fix more than 130 iOS system faults on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and even Apple TV. If the iPhone gets stuck in DFU mode or the screen freezes on the Apple logo, it doesn’t matter.Depending on the nature of the flaws, AnyFix can fix your iOS devices in seconds.
FoneLab – iOS System Restore.

FoneLab – iOS System Restore is software that specialises in iPhone repair. You can use that to fix common iPhone problems, such as those stated before.Using FoneLab – iOS System Restore, you may cure your iPhone’s problems in various ways.

FonePaw – Restore iOS System

FonePaw – iOS System Restore is another tool certified for iPhone repair. Fixing various stuck screens, such as those that get stuck in DFU mode, is also possible with this tool.In addition, these will address issues such as iPhone app freezes, iPhone update errors, and more in this release.

JoyoshareUltFix – iOS System Repair

Repairing iOS devices, such as iPhones, is a breeze with JoyoshareUltFix – iOS System Recovery. It restores your iPhone to working order by resolving more than 30 different iOS system issues without affecting your data. Free recovery mode for your iPhone or iPad is just a mouse click away.


There we have listed 2022 best tools to fix your iPhone issues. Even though Apple does not enable its consumers to fix iPhone faults, you may still execute these fixes with this program.

AnyFix and FoneLab are some of the top iPhone repair software because of their multi-functionality and good cost/efficiency ratio. The other options are also fantastic, but they all rely on the issues you may be having with your iPhone.

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